About the Show

Take Me To The Poorhouse is a comedy about Lizzie, a middle-class Nigerian third grader who dreams of becoming poor to win the heart of her popular classmate.

Told through Lizzie’s perspective, we meet a charming 72 year old “African Matlock”, tackle Voltron (defender of the universe), experiment with Jerry curls, discover a local cook who serves “secret delights of a cow”, and reluctantly befriend a headstrong 7 year old suitor with an over-confident lisp.

Inspired by true events, this “upside-down Cinderella story” is a children’s story for adults – witty and wise, hilarious and heartfelt. Audiences are offered a fresh glimpse of African life as they are introduced to a girl eager to reject herself in to order to feel like she belongs.


Ms. Magazine Best International Best of Fringe NAACP Nomination

Duende Distinction nominee



Recipient of Center For Cultural Innovation grant

Recipient of the American Repertory Theatre Moscow Art Theatre Institute Alumni Association’s Lab Grant

Finalist of the NELA Art microgrant.

Take Me To The Poorhouse pledges to donate 10% of all ticket proceeds to Mama Hope, a non-profit with a mission to “Stop the Pity and Unlock the Potential” in several African communities. www.mamahope.org.